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The 18 Studio

At the beginning of 2024, A stylist sent me a message if I wanted to shoot for her portfolio at The 18 Studio. Which is a daylight studio in Dronten, the Netherlands. It was a small 4-hour shoot, including building lights, shooting and taking everything down. So let me take you with us on the shoot.

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How to let clients select raw images in Picflow?

Something I hear a lot of photographers struggle with, letting their clients choosing the images. Some days you may do it on set, but on other days you just prefer to do the shoot and head home. I wasn't happy about sending contact sheets and searched for something different. And that was the moment when I found Picflow.

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Geen Bluf! x Make-up Studio One Face

Geen Bluf! x Make-up Studio One Face is a make-up pallet these two brands collaborate on after working together for 15 years. Collaborations are always fun to photograph, Geen Bluf is a Dutch make-up agency mainly focussing on make-up of (Dutch)movies and series. Make-up Studio is a beauty brand established in Amsterdam. They made the One Face Pallet Together.

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Isha van Dijk

Texture is something I really admire when shooting. So during this shoot with Isha van Dijk that was something that I wanted to achieve both in the background and with the clothing. Curious about this shoot?

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Beau Monde

I'm writing this blogpost on 7 July 2023, and I just got a reminder on Facebook that I Facetimed Dominique to tell her that our work would be published in the August number of Beau Monde. We were beyond excited, and let me tell you a bit more about the shoot.

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Top Hair: Froukje Zijlstra

In the summer of 2020, going to the hairdressers was still something that wasn't aloud. So some hairdressers took that time to be more creative. Froukje and I setted up this shoot, and we asked if Top Hair was interested in publishing these.

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