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Since 2017 I work as a freelance Photographer (and Retoucher). My sister and I have an age difference of 7 years, so when I was around 12-14, she bought a camera for trips she wanted to make. I was totally obsessed by her camera and found out that I really wanted to do something with photography. Fashion and Studio Photography was the thing that made me super excited about it. So when my sister asked if I wanted to come over to borrow her camera, I said yes. Little didn’t I know that she did that to surprise me for my 16th birthday. When I was about to graduate for middle school, I needed to think about what I wanted to do, then I found out that there were educations for photography. I searched which one was the best in the Netherlands and graduated for photography.

When I go for something I totally go for it, so during my study I already rented my first studio to develop my skill for studio photography. I had moments when I skipped school to focus on my photography journey.

In this category on the blog I will show you behind the scenes of shoots, which light setup I used, how we made the shoot work and many more.

Want to read something that is not already in this category? Don’t hesitate to contact me and/or write a comment under the blog.

The 18 Studio

At the beginning of 2024, A stylist sent me a message if I wanted to shoot for her portfolio at The 18 Studio. Which is a daylight studio in Dronten, the Netherlands. It was a small 4-hour shoot, including building lights, shooting and taking everything down. So let me take you with us on the shoot.

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