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Welcome at Studio Taupe

Welcome at Studio Taupe, A Photography and Retouching studio. In this blogpost, I will take you along why we made a transition from Jasmijn Bult Fotografie to Studio Taupe.

If you’re new here.

Studio Taupe is not a new company. Studio Taupe started as Jasmijn Bult Fotografie in 2017.
Blogging was already something that I used to do as a teenager. And also did on But as you see it, Jasmijn Bult is really linked towards me as a person. That was something I wasn’t comfortable with any more. Studio Taupe is stimulation working more as a team instead of people expecting me to be their main contact person.

Why did we change names?

In 2022 we decided that we really would like to change names. We decided to change the name because it didn’t quite match what we stand for any more. And I haven’t been doing it alone for a while now. Together with my partner Tom. (who many of you have already met during shoots) I work on our company, but we also don’t just do photography any more. Retouching has always been a big part of my work. In recent years, I noticed that I was also retouching for others, as well. Jasmijn Bult Fotografie therefore, no longer stood for the services I offered. As a photographer, but also as a retoucher.

I like to work with serene colour palettes, and that is why the name Studio Taupe eventually became the name. Also, because it has the same spelling in both Dutch and English. With the ambition to possibly also work abroad in the future, we thought it would be nice to use an international name.

Will anything change in my services?

No, we continue to focus on making beautiful images. Both as a retoucher and photographer. What will change positively is that we want to guide our customers even more in running a production, so help them find the right model, theme or image.
We are super excited about this new step and hope to do many more shoots and/or retouching work for you in 2023 and the coming years.

What can you expect on here?

The blog is something that I really like to do, talking in English still feels a bit unnatural. But in writing I really can explain myself (and I have time to Google it of course, haha). But blogging in English is also helping with being more visible internationally. As blogging in Dutch is quite a niche market.

On the blog I’m focussing on writing mainly on commercial Photography and Retouching, we will take you behind the scenes with shoots. Show results from shoots we did. Show before and afters And I hope to educate you on Photoshop and/or Capture one. But if there is something specific you would like me to talk about, let me know.

The planning

As Photography and retouching is my full time job, and writing a blogpost in a language that is not my mother language, I decided to minimal post 1 blog a month. With hoping to extend this in the future. But for now this seemed a reachable goal for me. I hope to see you on the blog, and if you like, you can add the blog to your favourite rss-reader, so you will never miss a post again.

And in the mean time, take a look at our main domain:

Hope to see you soon.

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