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The Photography Annual Review of 2023

Since 2018 I look back on the shoots I did in the year. And this is the first year we started with Studio Taupe. But I thought it will be fun to keep this tradition going by posting an annual review of 2023. I will take you along the shoots we did back in 2023.

Deze blog is ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands.

2023 was a slow year compared to 2022 and 2021. The covid rush was over, but everything became more expensive. This was something that I saw happening to a lot of photographers. Luckily, in the end of the year things started to go back to normal and shoots we’re booked more often. Are you curious what we shot last year?

01. January

In January, We shot for Cursed Cosmetics, a cosmetics brand from influencer Jessie Maya. She asked us to shoot her pack shots and creative images. She wanted to go live on Valentine’s Day, so that’s why there is a heart in the creative images. I also got asked to do a test shoot for a brand focused on extensions. We did the test shoot on location, which was a studio super close to our home which we didn’t even know existed. It was fun to work with the extensions, and they loved the results.

02. February

February was mostly focussed on shooting and retouching bedding. Both on location and in the studio. It was a lot of fun to do, but the days we’re long and our backs we’re hurting. I can’t recommend changing a bed 10/15 times a day. But the results we’re perfect. Unfortunately the days we worked on location we’re super gloomy (and it was a daylight studio) so we still had to use a lot of artificial lighting, luckily that’s my speciality.

03. March

In March/April Artistique came out with a new product where we did all the marketing photography for (Pack shots, Creative images and the Model/Campaign shoot).

04. April

We did a location shoot in Belgium because there is more change of scenery, rocks, streams and so on. But looking back, I would prefer to do the shoot in May/June because the trees didn’t have any leaves yet. But it was fun to do a shoot in Belgium!

05. May

In May, we did our second portfolio shoot of the year, which has been published by Lucy’s. A digital magazine. It was a short notice shoot, and we didn’t have a stylist onboard, but I really love how they turned out. It was also time to create some new portrait images of ourselves to post on our website on the About the Team page. So I packed my keyboard, put it on my lap and started making self-portraits.

06. June

07. July

In July, we did a lot of pack shot photography and also creative images for Artistique. Some products we’re not updated with photography for a while, so they gave us the products, and we started shooting a variety of creative images.

08. August

August was also a month that was mainly focused on one brand, Memorabels. In the past we photographed for the brand of her mother, and they now released her own products so we did also the whole package; pack shots, creative shots and the campaign which we shot in the Hollandsche Manage in Amsterdam. We also photographed for Artistique again for their 2024 Calendar.

09. September

In September, we photographed some more bedding because they came out with a kids collection.
We tried to create the same vibe as we had in the location studio, but this time we did it in our studio. The results turned out amazing, and the nice thing of working in your own studio is that you can leave everything behind and come back the next day in the mess you left behind.

10. October

October was the month of Santa Claus Campaigns. I spent 4 weeks on location retouching all Santa Claus and Christmas images for Hema. It was much fun to do, but a lot of work. I also photographed for LeRine, which is a barista I followed a course by last year. Because we’re the same age and both entrepreneurs, we still we’re having contact. When she released her home collection, she asked if I wanted to photograph it.

11. November

November is always a busy month. We had been asked to shoot images for a magazine for a make-up company we had often work with. They’re celebrating their 10th year anniversary and made a glossy for it. They also added an interview about us in it. So we both shot the owners of the brand, and we did a creative shoot for them to put behind our interview.

We also shot a lookbook and stills for Tied Ends, which is the brand of our friend and stylist Dominique. She also did the styling for Geen Bluf (The brand you read about above this paragraph)
So we decided to combine these shoot days. So on Thursday we had the shoot for the owners and in the evening we shot the e-commerce images for Tied Ends. Friday we had our creative shoot. And Saturday we had the Lookbook for Tied Ends.

Then I also had a super tied deadline for a Trendvision entry, which was shot 9 days before they had to be delivered. So after the shoot days for Geen Bluf and Tied Ends, I hurried retouching for Trendvision.

12. December

Hope you enjoyed all the images we shot in 2023! As you can see, some months we’re really busy and some we’re just a few shoots. For 2024 I hope to help more brand with their Photography & Retouching. It was super exciting to do all the shoots and can’t wait to photograph more in 2024!

If you’re looking for a photographer and/or retoucher for 2024, I hope you will think about me for your next project!

Best wishes for 2024 and hope to see you around on the blog soon!

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x Jasmijn

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