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Tied Ends

Tied Ends is the brand founded by Stylist Dominique, a stylist I really enjoy to work with. In 2022, she started her own recycled clothing for rental. I photographed both e-commerce & Lookbook images for her.

Something I wanted to do for a while, Is sharing my work from previous shoots. As I really like to keep my portfolio up to date, some images got taken down on our website. So to keep them in memory, I really enjoy sharing them here with their story.

  • 2022

What is Tied Ends?

Upcycling clothing is more important than ever. Dominique, founder of Tied Ends, has a background in All round styling. As a stylist, see bought and returned a lot of clothing. So she started wondering, how can we upcycle clothes, so she bought some items of big fast fashion companies to create something unique and something that really fitted her styling vibes.


Dominique and I have a long history. The first shoot that Dominique did as a stylist was a shoot with me. I believe this was back in 2019. Something that we both really enjoy in photographs is texture in clothing. So in a lot of the work we created together, there was always something which looks like a ruffle. It became kind of her thing, and that is something you also see in the clothing for Tied Ends.

What kind of images do you need?

Dominique needed Lookbook images and e-commerce images. She was creating a kind of book, so people could see which the item looked like, but to really show how it was looking we implanted the lookbook images, because the items are better shown on model than on e-commerce images.

As a result, you can find both images below


Models: Sterre & Katlego from Inbetween Models
Muah: Michelle Nouws
Styling/Design: Dominique Verwijmeren / Tied Ends
Photography & Retouch: Jasmijn Bult | Studio Taupe

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