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Collaborate & Contact

Hi, I’m Jasmijn Bult

Photographer & Retoucher


I started this blog as an extension of my portfolio website, Studio Taupe.
As Studio Taupe is made to showcase both my Photography and Retouching work, I searched for a place to share behind the scenes, portfolio work with a story to it and more photography or retouching related things. I hope to inspire you with the content on the blog.


Lovely to see that you would like to collaborate with us. Where always curious about new ideas or products related to photography and retouching. Don’t hesitate to contact us at

Post Address:

Zutphenseweg 4a
7411 RE Deventer

Options to collaborate:


We value long-term collaborations and are happy to work with brands that suit us.


Do you want us to review your product?
We always give our honest opinion and will develop an article or post about it.

Blog Article or Advertorial

We write a unique article to promote your product. This can be tips about your product, an informative article, a review, or something else. We can post this on our own website, but it can also be used on your own channels.

Link Building

Do you want to promote your own blog or website? A guest blog for link building is very interesting for brand awareness and better visibility on Google. You can submit your own article (topics to be discussed), or we can write an article for you.

Barter deal

Do you want to subtly showcase your product? Consider product placement. We will make a social post or blog with your product, including the brand name and a link to your website.

Site Note;

We want to emphasize that we collaborate with companies that fit our brand. This way, we keep the content relevant and interesting for our readers/followers. In reviews, we always give our honest opinion and are open to our audience about it.

Studio Taupe is registered at the Chamber of Commerce under: 70096112

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