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Artistique It’s a Magic

Last Spring I got contacted by Artistique, the son of the owner already worked with me and contacted his mother, so when she was in need of a photographer for their product release she thought about me.

Something I wanted to do for a while, Is sharing my work from previous shoots. As I really like to keep my portfolio up to date, some images got taken down on our website. So to keep them in memory, I really enjoy sharing them here with their story.


The Concept.

Artistique contacted me that they were looking for a photographer who could provide images for their new product line, It’s a Magic. The last few years they stick to use a grey background, now that they had someone younger in the team she opted that they maybe could start using more natural tones.

She showed my portfolio to her boss and wanted to give it a shot. Luckily, I was able to make some space in my calendar to start focussing on creating imagery for the product launch. So for this shoot they focused on ingredients and natural tones.

Natural Elements

Since a few years, we’re more aware of what we put in our hair and on our faces. Something what was annoying is that we were used to having smooth hair, which SLS and SLES were doing for us. With this new product line, they wanted to show that you don’t need those ingredients to get butter smooth hair again.

Product Shoot

For every product shot that we needed to make, we planned on four hand to got approval from the client to make sure that the shots we were getting were really something that they needed. Because with Creative shots clients are not always around it is important to make sure you’re on the same line before the shoot is taking place, so we’re discussing the amount of images, background colours, ingredient that need to be represented and so on.

Shoot prep

For the shots with the models, we needed to go to their headquarters. Luckily for us, it’s only an 8-minute drive towards their office. We made sure that we had all our equipment ready the day before, so we didn’t need to stress right before the shoot.

The shoot

The next morning we only needed to load it into the car and off we went. It was a half day shoot with a model. We started at 11:00, which meant that I was there an hour before, so I had time to set up easily. We would share the set with a Videographer. I shot everything on Theter, so the client could see the images right away.

The results you can admire under the post.


Mua: Gerriet Brouwer
Hair: Artistique Nederland
Photography & Retouch: Jasmijn Bult | Studio Taupe

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