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Portfolio: The Homestay

Right after the pandemic (still of kind of little during) we created The Homestay. We created this shoot with a concept in mind, curious what it was about?

Something I wanted to do for a while, Is sharing my work from previous shoots. As I really like to keep my portfolio up to date, some images got taken down on our website. So to keep them in memory, I really enjoy sharing them here with their story.


The Concept

We’re used to staying home more often, but we still search for some form of escape

This editorial meets these two in the middle. It tells a story about escaping daily life in a luxury country home. Here is a place to enjoy the comfort of home we are used too after a lockdown, but feels spacious and free. Time is well spent, doing activities we enjoy. For this getaway, we will pack our suitcases wisely, with a sense for sustainable craft. We feel good, and our clothes do good.


For this shoot we wanted to shoot in a mansion, Tom Paape which is the Production Manager for Studio Taupe listened to the concept that Dominique and I had, and made sure to contact different mansions that fitted our wishes for a location. Luckily, he found a location quite close to our city where we could fulfill our concept with an awesome team.

Our time on the location was limited, because in the building there were also people working in some of the rooms, we needed to prep all our shots up front. So Tom and I visited the location on four hand and made sure we sent the pictures we made to Dominique, to plan our shots and styling up front. Therefore, we created The Homestay.

Curious about the results? You can find them below.


Model: Lisa van Beek from Elite Models
Mua: Connie Man
Hair stylist: Nicole Poede and Maike van Lente from Keune Haircosmetics
Styling and art direction: Dominique Verwijmeren
With designs from Zyanya Keizer and Aliet Moes 
Jewellery from Chare&lott 
Production manager: Tom Paape | Studio Taupe
Photography & Retouch: Jasmijn Bult | Studio Taupe

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