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Jean Paul Myné

In this series, I’m going to take you along a shoot we did in the past. Taking you along the idea we had for the shoot and the results of it. In this post, I take you along a shoot I did for Jean Paul Myné. Curious? Press read more to follow along.

Something I wanted to do for a while, Is sharing my work from previous shoots. As I really like to keep my portfolio up to date, some images got taken down on our website. So to keep them in memory, I really enjoy sharing them here with their story.

  • 2018

Preparations in the Netherlands.

In March 2018 while walking through Amersfoort I received a call from the owner of Jean Paul Myné Netherlands. Asking if I would like to join on a trip towards Italy to shoot the autumn collection of Jean Paul Myné Internationally.

As travelling for my work was something I wished for a long time, I didn’t hesitate and said yes to join on their trip to Italy. Which also meant that I had to skip school for a week. Luckily Tom (Production Manager for Studio Taupe) and I were studying together, so when I was away he was able to keep track of the things I was missing, so I could catch up later.

Heading towards Italy

In May, it was time to flew towards Rome, as we had some time before they expected us at the Headquarters, we stick around in Rome to do some sightseeing. We went to the coliseum, the Spanish stairs and to Basilica di San Pietro. After we did some sightseeing in Rome, it was time to head to our destination: Sant’Elpidio a mare.

Our first day there

Luckily, we had some time to prepare for the shoot, so on the first day we focused on making a plan, hearing what their wishes were, which models they had booked for the shoot and what my plan was. So when they went into a meeting for the decisions, what they would do with the hair for the models. It was time for me to discover the studio and take a look at what they had available.

Prep day

As the hairdressers needed to colour the models, I had some time to focus on a light plan. I always bring my dummy (A notebook where I did everything with). I first focused on searching for images on Pinterest, with what the client had in mind. After this it was time to lunch with pizza, after lunch I focused on drawing which lighting setup I was going to use and already build my set.

Shoot day

It was time for the shoot. We started around 10:00 when the models went into the hairstyling. I shot everything on Theter, so the client could see them right away. We shot the first model around 12. After this it went quite smooth and we finished shooting around 18:30. The next day we took a bus towards the airport of Rome and we headed home.

The results you can admire under the post.


Mua: Paolo Nicolai from Jean Paul Myné Italy
Stylist: Leila Claudio from Jean Paul Myné Italy
Hair: Chantal van Holfen & Roza Awetisian
Photography & Retouch: Jasmijn Bult | Studio Taupe

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