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E-commerce photos, what does it cost?

E-commerce photos, images that you really need for your product. Without proper e-commerce photos, you won’t have sales. In this blogpost, I tell you what kind of e-commerce photos we take and what the costs are.

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What are e-commerce images.

I suggest that when you find this blog, you already know what e-commerce images are. But just to specify what e-commerce images are. An e-commerce image is a photo of a product placed on a plain background, mostly white, which shows the front, back and sometimes a detail or unique selling point of your product.

Which e-commerce images do we take?

As I told you before, most e-commerce images are taken on a white background. To stand out, you can also choose another background or a different style of lighting. These are my personal favourite, because with those images you can show your own unique taste. If you want to sell your products on an external platform like Amazon, than a coloured background is unfortunately not accepted, because they have a guideline where you have to stick to, but when you want to sell the images on your own shop surroundings, that a little more creative
e-commerce image can get some real attention.

Example of e-commerce images.

What are the costs of e-commerce images?

Of course, the costs of e-commerce images varies from photographer, but here is a break-down of what we are offering for which costs. Per image, we are asking €12.50 excl. Vat. Including clean-up from the product and delivering it without a background.

The costs:

€12.50 per image.

What’s included.

  • No minimum amount of images.
  • Clean-up + cut-out from the background
  • We don’t have a fee for setting up
  • Hard or soft lighting (We can also advise what’s best for your product)
  • Freedom to choose a background from our studio
    (Or if you want a special/specific # colour, we can order this for an additional fee)
  • Delivering it with Wetransfer Pro

How does it work?

You can send the products towards us through the mail or bring them to our studio in Deventer.
We prefer that you send two items of each product, so when one of them has a scratch or the label isn’t straight we have a second option to use (sometimes we still have to use the magic of Photoshop) but everything that can be fixed on set is better.

Combining it with creative images

To see the unique usage of the product, creative images can come by handy. This can be both in how to use your product, or just by displaying them with, for example, ingredients as the above image. These images are more appealing for Instagram, Pinterest or your overall marketing. But you always want to start with a clean image. Because creative images do have a different pricing method because they take up more time and a game plan.

Do you want to have a blogpost about what creative images can do for your product and what pricing of those images are? Let me know in the comments. And if you read this before that post is out, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We hope to work with you soon.

Hopefully, we gave you some more insights on e-commerce images, and we hope that you became excited to work with us. Hope to work with you soon!

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